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Who is The Wandering Chef?

After a call from the Lord to show a different side of the food experience to people far and wide, The Wandering Chef came to be. Tyler and Tera specialize in bringing the restaurant experience to the home. To us, there is nothing more relaxing than enjoying a restaurant quality meal in the comfort of your own home. We have cooked for anniversaries, birthdays, family dinners, as well as the "just because" dinner.

Our Values

To show how much we wish to serve you, here are the qualities we value most.

1. Unmatched Professionalism- We promise a commitment to punctuality and excellence, vowing to deliver a memorable experience each time we enter your home.

2. Exquisite Food and Drink- We promise to always choose ingredients with the utmost care to ensure each meal is amazing from start to finish.

3. 5-Star Service- We promise to make you feel like the restaurant has been brought to your home, transforming your humble abode to a place uniquely created for you. 

4. Genuine Sincerity- We promise to serve you with the hope of conveying that we are grateful, thankful, and excited that you chose us to serve you. Every time you call us to your home, we serve as unto the Lord.

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